In our applications we use products from a reputable German company AFRISO which has been manufacturing alarm units for the safe operation of tank facilities and heating system controls for more than 60 years.

Intelligent building system AFRISO SMART HOME
Afriso has developed  a portfolio of outstanding sensors and alarm units for reliable leackage protection as well as devices for controlling heating systems in an economical way.



AFRISOLab system includes following elements:
  • - Central Gateways
  • - Single room temperature controllers for heating/cooling
  • - Temperature, humidity, CO2 sensors
  • - Switching actuators
  • - Presence detectors
  • - Door and window contacts
  • - Energy consumption measures
  • - Thermostatic valves
  • - Level liquid sensors
  • - Water safety valves
    - Electrical sockets
    - Switches
    - Fault detectors
  • - Signal repeaters